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The medical schools at New York University, University of Massachusetts, and Case Western Reserve University, were selected by the prestigious Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation to participate in the Macy Initiative in Health Communication. This four year project (January 1999 -- December 2002) is designed to strengthen the communication skills of physicians through the development of competency-based curricula for medical students.

L to R: Marjorie Greenfield, CWRU; Kathy Cole-Kelly, CWRU;
Adina Kalet, NYU; Michele Pugnaire, UMass; Emily Ferrara, UMass

The project began with a collaborative effort to identify and define the critical communication skills needed by physicians in three domains: 1) Communication with the Patient; 2) Communication about the Patient; and 3) Communication about Medicine and Science. Each school then developed and implemented school specific curriculum, starting July 2000. The Macy partner schools also developed school specific faculty development strategies to support the successful implementation of the enhanced communication skills curricula. Evaluation of the Macy curriculum interventions is also being implemented at each school. In the final year of the project, a Macy Scholars Program in Health Communication will also be initiated.


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